From the field to the newsroom. We help young journalists tell their stories. Welcome to Inclusive Media.







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Who We Are

Inclusive Media is a group of young media makers who bring together journalists from Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

We enable young journalists to be better equipped for their jobs through professional networks, training and mentorship. We create sustainable networks between young professionals to make the journalism world a place for equals.

We are a space for stories and dialogue.


The family behind a more forward media.

Inclusive Media has a team that shares the same passions and determination to change the media landscapes in our countries and the places we go to. Meet us below.


Nedim Hadrovic - Coordinator

Pascale Müller - Coordinator

Theodosia Gournelou - Media Trainer & Blog Editor

Daniela Sala - Education Coordinator

Basma Elmahdy - Media Trainer

Radka Pudilova - Fundraising and Policy Expert

Meet Our Participants!