DOME Discussions: Investigative Journalism

In partnership with The DOME Project

DOME DISCUSSIONS is the kick-off action of this year’s DOME EVENT on Media Freedom.

DOME EVENT is the annual flagship event of the DOME PROJECT,  a cross-media umbrella project that maps, networks and empowers solidarity initiatives that respond to the most urgent challenges across Europe, Middle East and North Africa. It is an original idea and production of plays2place, supported by the Goethe Institut and the Cultural Innovators Network

In collaboration with Inclusive Media, a series of six online discussions with investigative media organizations in EuroMENA countries will be organized in May and June 2017: Turkey, Poland, Serbia, Egypt, Jordan and Hungary.

The editorial teams of the featured organizations are invited to share their experiences and expertise while illustrating the landscape of media freedom in their local environments. They will discuss feasible tactics and tools that can be adapted to similar contexts, aspiring to inspire the new generation of investigative journalists and enhance their capacities.

Investigative organizations are selected on the basis of their integrity and uncompromising stance against censorship, economic and political leverages. Some of the participants have worked on the Panama Papers or other significant regional and global revelations. 

DOME DISCUSSIONS will be live-streamed. Following a participatory approach, the audience is encouraged to address their questions and comments via a live chat platform.

DOME DISCUSSIONS are introduced in the framework of DOME EVENT with the aim to continue on a regular basis, creating an inclusive and accessible digital knowledge database.

Details soon on our blog