No matter what your role is within the media industry, here you will find a selection of free, practical tools to help better represent the under-represented at every phase of the editorial and advertising processes, across both traditional media and social media.

About Us

Our Beliefs

We are a team of media professionals who believe that all forms of media have a responsibility to represent all people.

Recognising the intersectional discrimination faced by people of colour, disabled people and individuals from the LGBTQ+ communities, we hope these tools will facilitate employment and create a stronger pipeline for better representation in the media.

The inclusion rider is a clause to be added to your contract to ensure more representative casting and production teams. More information on inclusion riders is available here and here.

The talent directory is list of journalists, experts, influencers, photographers, makeup artists, hairstylists, creatives, activists and models who are black, people of colour, LGBTQ+ and/or disabled. You can also join the directory here.

The best practice guidance features a list of questions to consider at each stage of the creative process to encourage more representative content. Different sections are specifically built for different industry roles, including editors, journalists, influencers, brand ambassadors, stylists, casting directors, art directors, picture editors, PRs and talent representatives.

Please note: We are committed to using the most appropriate language when describing representation in the media. Many people were consulted regarding acronyms and language we use in discussions of identity, but we are aware this is an evolving conversation, and often a deeply personal issue. For example, some people prefer to be described as disabled, while others prefer to be described as ‘having a disability’.

We have taken the words ‘inclusivity’ and ‘diversity’ out of our pages, since they both rest on assumptions of what is the ‘norm’. We are exploring new names for the website title itself, however are aware if someone is looking for documents around ‘inclusion’, the current title and the use of ‘inclusion rider’ will help people to find us online. We mean to roll with the times and keep up to date on the debates around language. However, if you feel we have used inappropriate language, please do let us know via Contact and we will make the relevant changes.