Inclusive Media was founded towards the end of 2016, against a backdrop of rising populism, a decline in press freedom and a general loss of trust in media institutions. It was founded by a group of young media makers who bring together journalists from Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Dialog for us is not simply a word to put in a project proposal, it carries the faces of all the people we have seen connect and collaborate on stories in the past.

Building on more than three years of collective experience implementing media projects for the Middle East and North Africa Committee of the European Youth Press, we recognize the tremendous need for contextualization, professionalization and a creation of active discourse between young journalists from different parts of the world -- and their audiences.

Our work is lead by questions rather than answers. 

How do we tell better stories, about migration, war and conflict, women, religion, poverty and many more topics that are often covered only from the perspective of outsiders? How will technology change the way we tell stories and how can we make sure these technologies serve both journalists and audiences in places other than only Western countries and flagship media houses with a great budget? 

The time for parachute journalism is over.

Increasingly interconnected stories call for cross-border partnerships and reporting teams. Our team works in various formats and seeks the support of external collaborators to push the possibilities of journalistic storytelling in our projects and in the future work of our project alumni.

We believe that even in times of limited budgets and growing numbers of freelancers, at the beginning of journalism stands a solid knowledge of the craft and an understanding on how to stay safe on the job. We want to provide trainings in such basics to young freelancers who otherwise have no access to these opportunities.